Typesetting and desktop publishing services
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Typesetting and desktop publishing services

'Turn-key' document processing solutions

Professional Translations Centre hasthe expertise and know-how to offer an array of multilingual desktop publishingservices. We can deliver any type of document on any subject in any printed orsoftware format, regardless of the specifications of the source file, and inany number of copies. Needless to say, we handle projects in most world languages.

Our company isfully equipped to handle even the most complex projects, including: 

  • high-performance computers, upgraded regularly;
  • a localnetwork integrating all peripherals: copy machines, printers, scanners
  • a serverdedicated to classifying and storing data and ensuring data safety;
  • broadbandInternet access.

We boast a full range of wordprocessing, graphics and desktop publishing software: MS Office (fullsuite), Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw,QuarkXpress, Adobe PageMaker, Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe InDesign, AutoCAD,Macromedia FreeHand etc.

We can alsoprint your camera-ready copy in any number of copies and deliver them to therelevant address.

 Ourservices include:

  • typesetting
  • desktop publishing
  • design
  • recording finished work on any datastorage media
  • multilingual website building,design and maintenance
  • binding, lamination
  • image setting
  • copying, any format
  • full color and black-and-whiteprinting
  • broadsheet printing
  • souvenir production.


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Practice's proved Professional Translations Centre being a reliable partner in the field of translations and a well-wishing aide in all of our business…

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