Software and website localization
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Software and website localization

Software localization

Localization is a process which allows software to be adapted to meet specific software requirements of a particular locale or market. This involves adapting foreign software to a domestic market, or vice versa. Software localization for foreign markets may include modifying the visual design of electronic media and/or packaging.

Professional Translations Centre provides a full spectrum of software localization services:

  • Translation of user interface, resource files and help files
  • Software adaptation to specific requirements of a particular locale or market
  • Software assembly and testing
  • Translation of accompanying printed materials
  • Typesetting, design and photocopying of accompanying materials


Website localization

Website localization is when a website's content is translated into the destination language without changing the site's visual design.

For corporate clients, website localization means effective communication with foreign clients and partners. Websites are an integral part of going global, as they are a preferred mode of communication with the world.

Website localization process includes:

  • translation of website's content, including buttons, links, menu, etc.;
  • building a content management system (CMS) identical to the original;
  • layout – creating an exact copy of the original website design template;
  • creating graphic components identical to the original, including animation elements;
  • programming (for features like forum, guest book, visitor count, clock, etc.)

We build an exact copy of the original website, preserving all graphic and Flash-components. At the end, you will get a fully operational, localized website in the target language of your choice.

To receive a quotation, estimate delivery time and choose a scheme of work, send us a request by e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or contact us by phone: 007 (495) 785 7696.



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